Student Philanthropy Council

The Student Philanthropy Council is a group of student ambassadors who understand the impact giving makes at Cal Poly. We’re building a spirit of giving back among our classmates and a culture of giving within our university.

In order to ensure the continued growth and success of Cal Poly and its students, it is important that we all get into the spirit of philanthropy. We each have the power to change lives. You never know how even a small gift can positively impact someone else’s college experience.


The Student Philanthropy Council is made up of students from various years and academic majors at Cal Poly, but what they have in common is that they all understand the impact that philanthropy has on their Cal Poly experience, and right now the student Philanthropy Council is looking for more members!

If you would like to join the Student Philanthropy Council, we would love to have you!  For more information, please contact Andre Arguelles, ​Student Philanthropy President at or Erica A. Stewart, Student Philanthropy Council Staff Advisor.


Andre Arguelles
Student Philanthropy Council, President​

Erica A.Stewart
Director of Parent & Student Philanthropy
P: 805-756-7386

Matt Ritter, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor, Student Philanthropy Council
P: 805-756-2775

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